Christians are introducing their indigestible falsihoods and abscure hidden conspiracies under the umberella of democracy and terrorism. These two words have nt common agreeable definitions and each of them is ambivalent(having two opposite meaning) the christian crusaders,hateful jews and athiests are in one line interms of monothiesm (believing one almighty God) although they have their differences and strong hatred, then they saw a looming and inevetible threat from islam because when the truth comes falsihood is perished. If we disclose their hidden vicious unattainable strategy and mysterious policies covered with ambivalent and equivocal words let us first discuss what do they consider as Democracy ? If you search in the dictionary or wikipedia the meaning of Democracy you may see,democracy means the rule,choice for the people alike. But when you delve on and scrutinize the unmatching words and actions of the crusaders you find out the indeniable facts. Let me remind you the
free and fair election that took place in palestine in which almost every country was observing in addition to the mass media. America and it’s allies were praising the transparency and the fairness of the process bt when Hamas won the majority of the seats the crusaders changed their stance saying Hamas is a terrorist Group fighting for a palestinian state. Even if we agree on it for the sake of argument that Hamas is nt a good movement, isn’t democracy mean the people must have their choice ? If Hamas was their choice how can you oppose?Are you anti democracy or undemocratic if you do so? Then why are you enjoing the people something that you forbade from yourselves?
What is terrorism? In the surface meaning every one who terrorises something is a terrorist but let us define it considering it’s present day usage, have you ever heard non muslim being coined a terrorist,militant, extremist,fundamentalist,radical,funatic and etc? If you know comment it on the blog.Since the ummah(muslim communities collectively) were subdivided and partialed out there was a vicible expansionism policy of the crusaders and making use of that golden apportunity they firstly marketed their propaganda among the ummah by giving filthy names ? They befriended some of us in one way or an other mostly sticks and carrots process that means payment with threats. secular governments were installed in the islamic countries with boards written with contradicting statements that are representing foreign agendas instead of their nations. At that moment the public role was ruled out and a big gap and hostilities between the governments and people came to an existence the secular
governments were equiped with treacherous tactics against their peoples such us labelling any one who opposes them as a terrorist that is why this word became pandemic and widespread as a disease in the Ummah. If i begin our discussion on this word and it’s ambivalent and equivocal translations america promulgated that sheikh Osama Bin laden (hafidahu Allah) killed 1 or 2 thousand people in 9/11 attack and so he is a terrorist. If killing many people means terrorism how many people did the crusaders massacre in iraq.Afghan and somalia? Aren’t they the worest terrorists? Or if they massacre civillians that is democracy and if we defend ourselves we are terrorist ? Isn’t this showing the real meanings of the two words democracy and terrorism? Why are we being fooled ? Are we thoughtless retarded and feeble minded? If nt what are we waiting for?Who will come and liberate these crusaders from our lands? May Allah strengthen our hearts and show us our duty Aameen