the gruelling purgatory.-in this booket i would like to stipulate the gruesome and enthral plight or debacle that palpably stifled our fork as the ramification of the ethiopian annexation or incursion on somalia in dec 2006 after fifteen years of lamentable and excruciating purgatory the somalians got a glint of peace as local clerics and patriots initiated unpresidented adventure that was to confront the heavily armed and american backed war-profiteers after four months of intensive and bloody battle that left behind soul and wealth casualties.The defeat of the warlords was a swift relief of pain and widespread tranquillity.Dear reader if you are in doubt and think my story is null and void ask the somali diaspora who returned home and were rambling or strolling in the once notorious hamlets driving the last designs of the world vehicles.An other eyewitness was John holmes (the united nations envoy for humanitarian aid.Mr Holmes was mesmerized and stunned by the vicible and reliable security.As the place in which he was on board landed on the newly re-opened mogadishu airport he was frugally waiting for horrid reception i.e untrained armed millitias used to escort the foreigners) but this time the whole matter was different and unique,in his journey from the airport to Ramadhan hotel (north of the capital) he came across with no armed millitias ,no artillery mounted battle wagons, no gun totting tipsy goons as usual.In a press conference he held in his hotel room he said”that he was surprised by the tangible peace atmosphere and serenity.
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if i flash back a bit or hint on the main facets or sources that precipitated the awakening of the somali grass rot after long pause and subdivisions amongs the brotherly tribes who were wrongly persuaded to be enemy of each other.The arise of extra-trained islamic movements inspired america a big concern that somalia will become alqaeda breeding ground and the foreign department of america has overstated the issue turning a blind eye of the auspicious impetus and the glee of the long suffering people by mumbling and convoluting or twisting the will of the somalis to accomplish already fixed agendas.The aim was to sabotage the islam based ideology of forming islamic government that seemed to be inevitable .On the other hand,the ethiopian regime was adding salt to the injury by snuggling the americans viciously.The regime fabricated and promoted the idea that the union of islamic courts(Uic) were harbouring alqaeda fugatives who were accountable for the bambardment of the Us embassies in Nairobi and dara-alsalam in 1998.Secondly,the expansion of the islamic ideology in to the region can put jeopardy to the bilateral vested interests of the both countries,the totality of this prejudice and other underground tenets fascinated the Us and so Ethiopia stepped forward to imbue it’s concoction of lies to america in a cunning and dynamic way.In this turning point the powerful islamic movements were expanding their administration to the provinces due to the shame they put on the warlords.No one else was able to imperil him/her self even the gluttonous chieftains were on the breachers watching everything bleakly,because the tribal leaders were enjoying the duty of inter-tribe relations.Let me give give you satisfactory example if someone commits murder there was customary law set by the chiefs.The grey haired traditional elders of the murderer and the murdered used to sit and so and so the grieving family would have to be compensated according to the bilaterally set of binding rules.

Page3 onward expansion of uic.Despite the internal and external emnity facing them the newly emerged islamic spearheads ramified vigorously and swiftly during their six months reign they took drastic measures including the reaching out of the marooned and stranded people during the flooding when rivers burst out accidently.This was remarkible challenge instead of waiting for foreign aid agencies assistences.They put across the somalis to help at each other.They set up accounts and lively broadcast programmes for fundraising schemes.The somalis living inside and outside the country endorsed this this program vividly.Local trustf mullahs and gentry were receiving the charity in different amounts from $1 to $50,000 regarding the financial ability of the individual participants.The islamic administration of uic sent rescue workers to ferry the people out of the areas submerged the floods and distributed food and utensils to the people afflicted by the clamity.An other medical group was dispatched to investigate reported cases of cholera that could result from the impure murky water taken by the fork.This unique operation disgruntled and enraged the Un relief agencies who were manipulating the vulnerable civillians.The Other unforgetable achievement of the islamic courts union was the stablization of the south and central provinces of the country by imposing sharia law on these territories.

Page4 on the brink of war.Soon after,the Us government alloted substential budget to the manfold and divious war on somalia.The ethiopian selfish Mps gave the green light to the autocratic government brusiquely regardless of the impending consequences.Identically the somali renegade parliament members approved the deployment of foreign troops in the country to assist the inefficient puppet transitional federal government that composed of notorious warlords who committed the harshest attrocities and plunged the nation in the chaos and unrest.There is a sawahili proverb that says. If a hyena becomes a president,who will defend the goats and sheeps.These criminals were involved in killing,kidnapping,looting,raping and harrasment against the shabby civillians as well as uncountible other blunders.Instead of recriminating these scums the so called international community led by america promoted them to higher grade to multiply their massacre of the people in a sophisticated and civilized way.On the other side of the coin,the ethiopian flanking manoeuvre was visible.At this stage the islamic courts union organized crowded demonstrations to denounce the ethiopian aggressive and provocative intervension in somalia.They exhorted and urged the people to dedicate their lives to the defence of the religion,people and the country.In one occasion one of the millitary leaders was quoted as saying”we wish to live peace with our neighbours with out any intervension and meddling but if ethiopia attacks us we shall attack her.Ethiopia distorted that pre-conditioned statement that meant if and only if ethiopia assaults somalia,we shall not sit and watch but we shall retaliate.The ethiopian regime the ommitted that pre-condition and twisted the meaning by making big headlines as,The Somali islamists said”we shall attack ethiopia.The ethiopian dictators portrayed the falsehood that the ethiopian security is in intimidation so they are compelled to invade somalia by quoting out of context statements.

Page5.Frevolous pretext.Ethiopia is one of the most impoverished nations with it’s citizens living under the bankruptcy line i.e living less one dollar per day.America alloted abundant budget for the mysterious war on somalia and ethiopia having received this plentiful money that could have saved the lives of millions of unfortunate citizens who were starving to death has funded it on that illicit war.Ignoring the famine;destitution;droughts and diseases that overshadowed the entire nation.The puppet ethiopian regime transferred amount of the money to N.Korea in exchange for modern tanks;missiles and ammunitions to terrorize and terrify the helpless somalian vulnerable civillians and to grab or snatch the costly glimse of peace that was attained after fifteen years of severe harships.It was just like someone who was hiking in thousands of killometers and finally reached the termination then sprawled for rest,what would it be if someone else comes and says you must get back to the long distance you have covered swiftly? Regarless of the fatigue you felt or the long distance hiking pain.Never the less ethiopia determined to become the 21st century black colonist.It lived under the illusion that somalia was fried fish on the table and it was in some how.The somalis believe the idea of ,if you can’t get what you want then do what you can bravely.The robust obsticle was that some unscrupulous somali traitors were aiding the enemy and there is a wisdom that is about a tree talking to a hatchet it says”hadn’t a part of me fixed on you,you would not have cut me.Ethiopia hired many treacherous and tactiful spies and so in the run up of the multi-direction assault it targeted designated areas including military positions,the airport and the plain areas.This was meant to jeopardise the defence line and to dismay the adherents or advocates of the islamic administration.

Page 6.Aggressive war on somalia.As soon as the somali patriotic figures and the islamic movement perceived the traps set by the foe and the potentially looming plots they conjoined and consolidated the freedom fighters in the defence line.Meanwhile a heavy battle erupted simultaneously in various spacious zones.The war intensified and became more fierce.The ethiopian intruders were in hope that they can easily trounce the emerging power of the dismentled nation which was not tough in contrast with theirs.The creditable somali martyrs buckled down to restrain the crooked and american guided ethiopian illicit war on somalia.The ethiopian invaders continued aerial bombardments while the somali defenders were in their trenches waiting for the advancement of the enemy infantry units who have already occupied major cities a longside the border before eruption of face to face war.The occupiers began to advance to the capital some hundreds of kilometres away from the border.Because of the groundless propaganda and the mental war promulgated by the ethiopian regime in addition to the irresponsible world media hype it seems a cushy operation to the american rented mercenaries.These traitors were overwhelmed by the shortsightedness and myopia.The deliriously lingering uniformed lush and tipsy goons put their legs in hot water as they came close to a heavily fortified bunkers where many praiseworthy heroes were fidgetting waiting for the arrival of the misled and misinformed thoughtless intruders.The land war started accidently as the result of a rapid onslought or foray on the enemy.The ethiopian invaders were scattered in to the bushy mazes and that made possible for the savvy freedom fighters to persue the trounced enemy.Some of the ethiopian cowards threw the guns and tried to escape unhurt and some others stashed their guns in the sand and branches of trees while others decided to fight.The somali fighters who were not comparible to the enemy besieged the foe and shot most of them dead.In that unassailable episode some of the world media broadcast piles of the carcas and corpes of the slain american rented so called ethiopian forces.

Page 7.Dispersed drunkards.The invading enemy haversted the bitter fruits of the misleading and rediculous information they were equiped with and that slackened the snobbery and the frevulous prejudice shown by the black colonist of abyssinia who were in full confidence of their humanly ability.It was the characteral behaviour of the mankind down the ages to feel pride considering their limited and restricted capability and that sense diminishes the cohesion of the brotherly humanbeing while the superiority and inferiority keeps on changing from one group to an other in a certain period of time or place.Back to the narrations of the ethiopian regime assault on the failed state as it is called.When the enemy ground troops were defeated and retreated to their backwards,the whole matter became complicated therefore ethiopia blew a whistle to accentuate the unmeditated burdon of the war,by realising that the remnant of her compatants were not adequate and so the masterminds of the war would have to intervene the issue swiftly.America responded the request and started indiscriminate air-strikes on the trenches of the somali compatants using sophisticated manned and unmanned war planes.The somalian freedom fighters in the firing line determined to resist untill the last drop of their blood is shed.They developed patience and perseverance putting their trust on the omnicient,omnipotent,omnipresent and almighty Allah (God) and believing that what so ever happens to them had already been pre-destined by him.When ever the Us air-forces raid new areas the ethiopian chickenhearted alecks were attempting to occupy but the resistance of the somalis was growing continuously.The american air-strikes afflicted heavy casualties on crops and cattle.Many pasturalists lost their precious lives as the result of the american blind air raids when the grazing land of their livestock was targetted.America was quoted as saying “we killed terrorists in those areas”so many farsighted people raised this qeustion. Are the somali goats camel sheep and cows terrorists

Page 8.Fortnight resistance.Although the fortitude of the somali patriots was a thorn in the enemy’s flesh.In this kinky situation interms of the improportional forces it seemed the enemy would get fictional victory.You can imagine a battle between a government assisted by other governments and newly emerged group that came in to being a few months ago.Some people may conjure up in their minds elephant and hare fighting. It may not be so but it some what similar to that analogy.Even if we agree with them .In that comparison for the sake of argument,we should remember that a hare to defeat an elephant will play tricks and develop tactiful approach to balance his ability to his actions and achievements and so the somali patriots would have sought alternative means to undermine the ambiguous conspiracy,hence considering the matter from various angles.The freedom fighters made up their minds to retreat tactically and get ready to a hit and rum long time guerrilla war.That was a right choice in a right time and right place.In this transitional period the vicible armed brigades of the somali freedom fighters were integrated back in to the society and the military equipments were hidden in heavily fortified caves for the future use.The whole matter was mysterious,the enemy was celebrating for the vertual succession that may not last longer.The somalis believe a wisdom that says,disgruntled person was not defeated.This wisdom explains clearly explains clearly in one way or an other,that one day the latent disappeared and undeniable power of the freedom fighters will emerge and that will be a doom for the occupiers who took a multi-purpose on somalia.
Page 9.The corrupted TFG.Ethiopia was hoodwinking the world with the baseless pretext,that is”we were invited to assault the country by the transitional federal government (Tfg) some law makers raised this question”how can a newly formed fragile and transitional government invite other government to force people to accept it?Didn’t the government derail from the same purpose it was formed that was mere reconciliation and to assemble the annimosity scattered brothers as well as creating peaceful atmosphere by convincing the warring factions to put the weapon and join all inclusive national unity government that will pave the way for free and fair elections that occur in the country.That was the duty and obligation of the government but adversely the very government became a deuil ladder facilitating the staunch foes of the nation to annihilate and exterminate the innocent citizens brutally and in a barbaric way.During the fabricated two years running somali peace talks in kenya some people were sceptical about the loyalty of the world mediators who were only respecting the blood stained warlords.The bias of the mediators caused many somalis to walk out of the talks due to the absurdity and the disloyalty of the so called mediators that was loud and clear.Some political analysts say the sole reason of forming warmongers dominated government was to justify the obviously already fixed ethiopian war on the wartorn nation.Those misnamed group of criminals didn’t deserve to be called a government instead they deserved to be put on trial and pay the price of the accumulated crimes they committed adversely they were promoted to higher ranks that was literally exhorting new ruthless warlords to emerge so as to be rewarded of their relentless actions as their predicessors

Page 10.Post major war events.Although ethiopia claimed to have achieved victory,the political analysts indicated that sudden as a mirage for many reasons firstly it was the character of the somali freedom fighters down the ages past to disappear when they are in conflict with the powerful enemies that was an alternative tactic.The ethiopian invaders entered mogadishu(capital) with out any resistance and they stationed in positions inside the capital as well as it’s outskirts.After few weeks a social uprising began that was the beginning of surge of violance dragging on roughly two and half years.The war in the capital was formidable enough,because whenever the enemy forces was under attack they were firing missiles to the densily populated areas.The indiscriminate shelling of the enemy resulted in the the displacement and the fleeing of at least one and half million civillians.The exodus of the people out of the capital was increasing day after day.The war between the ethiopian invaders and the somali resistance groups was perpetual ,the most unforgetable and remarkible war was ten executive days running street war in the crooked alleys of mogadishu.In this war the enemy tried an expansion or to occupy new areas that was not digestible to the somali patriots.The more the war intensified the many freedom fighters joined the defence line or battle field.The enemy captured new areas along side the industries road At the first night of the war.The enemy was pushed back by the somali defenders.The foe lost in the war so the bodies or corpses of the invaders were decomposing in the roads,at least one battallion were killed in an ambush attack in the street between the defence ministry center and towtif junction.The best evidence i can give you is that al-jazeera tv broadcast that bodies and the international agencies were warning from the health sideeffects of the decomposed ethiopian corpses scattered in the streets.

Page11 Helicopter shotdown.In the battle the enemy forces were restricted to certain areas and so they restorted to use excessive force to ease the burdon exerted on them by the freedom fighters.The helicopters of the enemy started raiding the residential compounds indiscriminately. The usage of the excessive force multiplied the already rankling soul and wealth casualties.Many civillians were yelping and quivering due to the continuous and ruthless air attacks on their residence .On the other hand the somali compatants were assessing the accessible means of air defence methods by installing air defence system and sooner after they sent a shocking and terminating message to the foe by shootingdown an enemy helicopter while an other one escaped slightly.All the people were dazed and startled by the intensity of the air strikes in addition to the missiles from the enemy bases. When the warplane was brought down it was like anti-pain intection and all the people were awaken with a big sigh and the death reflection on their wrinkled faces vanished abruptly and they felt felicity.The helicopter was flying in an upper height in the air when a modern missile was thrown beneath accidently.A crowd of people were watching the incident from very far areas.The missile was flying behind the plane like a sniffing dog.The pilot flew the plane round and round and then down in to the earth to escape the imminent and ominous woe but the missile was doing the same because it was able to detect the whereabouts of it’s prey and finally it penetrated the enemy helicopter from the backside.Soon later we a smoke and flames were seen.The remnant of the crashed warplane fell in a garpage in the vicinity of the mogadishu airport.The enemy hurried to the pieces of what used to be their war-plane but it was difficult for them to differentiate the remains of the soldiers who were on board and the melt parts of the plane.Since a large amount of ammunition was also on board the helicopter became ashes in a short period of time.