Omar William’s Testimony

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Omar Williams was raised a Catholic, but his mother was Jewish. He was known as Robert Williams before he left the church and converted to Islam, and then changed his first name to Omar. Omar first started to seriously consider Islam when he was in school. He had a Muslim friend who introduced him to the faith. Omar took a keen interest in learning about the life of Prophet Muhammed(P). During that phase of his life, he also experimented with Buddhism.

The deciphering moment happened one day when Omar attended Mass at church. When he heard the priest present Jesus as God, Omar kept saying to himself, “no this is wrong…” and it was clear that this was a false doctrine, and that the Trinity was a myth. It was that moment, when Omar Williams decided to convert to Islam. For the most part, Omar William’s friends and family were accepting of his faith. As for his parents, his mother, was very cool with his decision, with the exception of his father, who was shocked. Omars, father, exclaimed, “how could you do this! How could you turn your back on Catholicism!” Inspite of his father’s pressure, Omar was sure of decision, and remained steadfast. His father basically thought that this was a phase, and that he would snap out of it. But, that didn’t stop Omar’s father from enlisting the help of the neighborhood thug, Sam “The Sham” Shamoun, to convince his son to come back to Christianity.

It wasn’t until Omar was shopping at a local Muslim bookstore with his friend, is when he first met Sam “The Sham” Shamoun. Omar recalled that day, “he was pretending to be a Muslim”. Sam came up and introduced himself to Omar and his friend, and started talking about Islam. Omar didn’t seem much interested in talking to him, and started looking around for books to learn about his new faith, but Shamoun, followed him. Omar mentioned, “he kept bugging and disrupting me”, trying to start some conversation with Omar. “I didn’t want to be rude”, mentioned Omar, therefore, he quietly listened to what he had to say.

It wasn’t very long, till Omar and 3 other new converts who fled Christianity towards Islam, would meet up with Shamoun again, but this time at Answering Islam’s head quarters at South Asian Christian Friendship Center. There were also other Christian missionaries present there. Sam “The Sham” Shamoun, would then begin his shameless lies against Islam, and try to corner the new Muslim converts. He tried to convince Omar and his friends that Allah, was a Moon God, and attacked the character of the Prophet Muhammed (P). But the so-called “evidence” presented was pathetic at best. The new converts surrounded by the narrow-minded Christian missionaries were like freshman pledges at a fraternity house, who were brutally being hazed. The hazing continued as Shamoun shouted at them:

“You didn’t even know Christ because you were a Catholic!”

“You never really experience Christ!”

“You didn’t read about Islam enough! You just read the good stuff! There are horrible pieces of Islam!!”

Shamoun was throwing his worthless Answering Islam articles at them. Omar recalled, that they didn’t ignore what the missionaries were saying about Islam. They went back home and researched the points only to find out, that all the arguments were completely fraudulent, based upon false assumptions, twisted interpretations and out right lies! This is what I find with almost all new converts to Islam. They, have surfed the net and came across many of these anti Islamic websites, loaded with all kinds of smut against Islam, yet it was relatively easy for them to detect that the arguments were completely false. Sam “The Sham” Shamoun knows this fact very well, as he himself, a man who’s full time 9-5 job is attacking Islam and trying to convert Muslims (yes, this is his career J ), But Shamoun has openly admitted that, in all his years on the job, he has NEVER been able to convert any Muslim with his foolish “Answering Islam”arguments to his “faith”. God, I would hate to see what his performance reviews are like! Think about it, a salesman who has NEVER made a sale in over 7 years on the job!!! J J J

But Shamoun was clever in his dealings with the freshman pledges. Shamoun knew, that the only way he can “win” is by catching them off guard. Therefore, he would surprise topics on them, hoping that the new Muslim converts would not be familiar with the topics, and he could take advantage of their ignorance. Omar Williams recalled, that they never knew what the topic of the discussion would be, they simply told to “just show up” and they would not tell them what issues were going to be discussed till they arrived at the meeting. In addition to that, they didn’t want to discuss previous topics from the meeting before, in which they researched and found that their arguments were fraudulent. The next meeting they completely avoided those issues, because they knew that the new Muslims knew the truth, and that the missionary arguments could easily be refuted! Sam “The Sham” Shamoun tried to pull the same stunt with me, but I quickly moved to exposed him here.

Therefore, it became clear to Omar, that there was no point in debating with these missionaries, as they were completely brainwashed and not sincere in searching for truth. Omar then decided to avoid them. But Shamoun persisted in pursuing him. As Omar would walk to the masjid, Shamoun would approach him on the way him and would say, “hey Omar you have to read my latest article!”. Omar would simply ignore him, like a dog barking.

Omar Williams also had some comments about the Ahmed-Shamoun debate, “What the Quran says about the Bible (corrupt or uncorrupt)” which you can download here. In regards to the terrible beating Shamoun received for 30 long minutes which has been documented here, Omar appalled at Shamoun’s stupidity had this to say, “he wont’ admit when he is wrong, at least say, good point, I’ll get back to you. He did not want to address it (S.4:157),but he acted like he did… and then in then end he said VICTORY FOR CHRIST!…… I couldn’t believe it”. Finally, Omar Williams said he would like to thank Sam “The Sham” Shamoun for making him a better Muslim. Omar stated, that before he met Shamoun he was a lukewarm Muslim, but once he witnessed the gross distortions done to the religion of Islam, and how Christian missionaries would shamelessly misrepresent it as Shamoun and his hooligans did, that inspired him to become a better Muslim and devote his life to defending the Truth, and clarifying the misconceptions about Islam. Omar Williams is currently working for The Institute of Islamic Information And Education here in Chicago, IL.